Time to bond..

The woods are lovely dark and deep

but i have promises to keep

and miles to go before I sleep..

-Robert Frost

Meeting people has always been an exciting feeling.. This time it is twice as exciting. I got to meet the mentors who took out their time to review the code I had written and suggested edits. I am so much moved by their simplicity and care. Also I am sending mails and talking to people I have no idea who are. But I have the belief  that because they are part of  an open source community, they must be willing to help if they have time.  The world seems more beautiful, connecting with more people. Getting selected is an amazing feeling, but what is more amazing is having some great people to work with..

Another thing I am  doing  is more research  about the task at hand. My mentors have given some ideas and I think unlike other projects, my task requires coming up with effective ideas and reading about what has already been done. This period is so exciting as I am  reading to actually know more and implement an effective system. Knowing more about what to do made me think about other possible ways to implement the tasks. I am confident that I will come up with some idea which will make it all work :).

The internship period will begin soon. I will be actually writing code which people can use.  The journey has already begun.. Let it bear the best of all fruits 🙂




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